Coasts & Oceans - Research and Conservation Hub

About Coasts & Oceans

Australia’s and the globe’s coasts and oceans are truly mesmerizing places. Yet, they are also fragile ecosystems, being increasingly subjected to man’s rapacity. This juxtaposition is where solid ecological research and conservation biology has its place, seeking to make a positive contribution to resolving where mankind’s ambitions are at variance with biodiversity.

Here we portray some of the work we do as group of coastal and marine ecologists. Whilst much of our work is done in Eastern Australia, our outlook is global and our projects are equally geographically ambitious. We cover a reasonable range of ecosystems, from sandy beaches pounded by ocean waves, over estuaries fringed by mangroves, to deep-sea canyons and undersea volcanos. There is a distinct ‘conservation flavour’ to our work and we are committed to protecting and restoring ecological functions and species.