Dr. Andrew Olds

Recent Projects (selected)

  • Olds AD, Schlacher TA, Gilby BL (2017 – 2022) Ecological benefits of restoring the Yandina Creek Wetlands for ecosystem health, fish and fisheries. Unity Water; CI. $203,395.
  • Olds AD, Schlacher TA, Gilby BL, Connolly RM, Sheaves M, Flint N (2016 – 2018) Environmental features shape habitat values for fish: effects on diversity and productivity in Central Queensland estuaries. Queensland Department ofAgriculture and Fisheries; CI. $252,281.
  • Schlacher TA, Olds AD, Gilby BL (2016 – 2021) Bringing fish life back to Noosa: restoring lost oyster reef habitats in the Noosa Biosphere. Noosa Biosphere Foundation and Thomas Foundation; CI. $343,500.

Publications (selected)

  • Olds AD, Vargas-Fonseca E, Connolly RM, Gilby BL, Huijbers CM, Hyndes GA, Layman CA, Whitfield AK, and Schlacher TA (2018) The ecology of fish in the surf zones of ocean beaches: A global review. Fish and Fisheries 19:78-89.
  • Borland HP, Schlacher TA, Gilby BL, Connolly RM, Yabsley NA, and Olds AD (2017) Habitat type and beach exposure shape fish assemblages in the surf zones of ocean beaches. Marine Ecology Progress Series 570:203-211.
  • Huijbers CM, Schlacher TA, Schoeman DS, Olds AD, Weston MA, and Connolly RM (2016) Limited functional redundancy in vertebrate scavenger guilds fails to compensate for the loss of raptors from urbanized sandy beaches. Diversity and Distributions 21:55-63.
  • Olds AD, Connolly RM, Pitt KA, Pittman SJ, Maxwell PS, Huijbers CM, Moore BR, Albert S, Rissik D, Babcock RC, and Schlacher TA (2016) Quantifying the conservation value of seascape connectivity: A global synthesis. Global Ecology and Biogeography 25:3-15.
  • Brown MB, Schlacher TA, Schoeman DS, Weston MA, Huijbers CM, Olds AD, and Connolly RM (2015) Invasive carnivores alter ecological function and enhance complementarity in scavenger assemblages on ocean beaches. Ecology 96:2715-2725.
  • Olds AD, Connolly RM, Pitt KA, Maxwell PS, Aswani S, and Albert S (2014) Incorporating surrogate species and seascape connectivity to improve marine conservation outcomes. Conservation Biology 28:982-991.
  • Olds AD, Pitt KA, Maxwell PS, Babcock RC, Rissik D, and Connolly RM (2014) Marine reserves help coastal ecosystems cope with extreme weather. Global Change Biology 20:3050-3058.
  • Olds AD, Connolly RM, Pitt KA, and Maxwell PS (2012) Primacy of seascape connectivity effects in structuring coral reef fish assemblages. Marine Ecology Progress Series 462:191-203.
  • Olds AD, Connolly RM, Pitt KA, and Maxwell PS (2012) Habitat connectivity improves reserve performance. Conservation Letters 5:56-63.
  • Olds AD, Pitt KA, Maxwell PS, and Connolly RM (2012) Synergistic effects of reserves and connectivity on ecological resilience. Journal of Applied Ecology 49:1195-1203.
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