Dr. Ben Gilby

Recent Projects (selected)

  • Schlacher TA, Olds AD, Gilby BL (2016 – 2021) Bringing Fish Life Back to Noosa: Restoring Lost Oyster Reef Habitats in the Noosa Biosphere. Noosa Biosphere Foundation and Thomas Foundation; CI. $343,500.
  • Gilby BL, Olds AD, Connolly RM, Tibbetts IR (2016 – 2018) Linking habitat health and water quality to optimise conservation for sharks and rays in degraded estuaries. SeaWorld Research and Rescue Foundation; CI. $34,000.
  • Gilby BL, Olds AD, Schlacher TA, Connolly RM, Maxwell PS, Tibbetts IR (2015 – 2017) Linking habitat, land use and water quality to optimise fish surveys for monitoring purposes in estuaries. Healthy Waterways Partnership; CI. $76,000.

Publications (selected)

  • Gilby BL, Olds AD, Connolly RM, Maxwell PS, Henderson CJ, and Schlacher TA (2018) Seagrass meadows shape fish assemblages across estuarine seascapes. Marine Ecology Progress Series 588:179-189.
  • Olds AD, Vargas-Fonseca E, Connolly RM, Gilby BL, Huijbers CM, Hyndes GA, Layman CA, Whitfield AK, and Schlacher TA (2018) The ecology of fish in the surf zones of ocean beaches: A global review. Fish and Fisheries 19:78-89.
  • Gilby BL, Olds AD, Connolly RM, Yabsley NA, Maxwell PS, Tibbetts IR, Schoeman DS, and Schlacher TA (2017) Umbrellas can work under water: Using threatened species as indicator and management surrogates can improve coastal conservation. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 199:132-140.
  • Gilby BL, Olds AD, Yabsley NA, Connolly RM, Maxwell PS, and Schlacher TA (2017) Enhancing the performance of marine reserves in estuaries: Just add water. Biological Conservation 210:1-7.
  • Gilby BL, Tibbetts IR, and Stevens T (2017) Low functional redundancy and high variability in Sargassum browsing fish populations in a subtropical reef system. Marine and Freshwater Research 68:331-341.
  • Gilby BL, Olds AD, Connolly RM, Stevens T, Henderson CJ, Maxwell PS, Tibbetts IR, Schoeman DS, Rissik D, and Schlacher TA (2016) Optimising land-sea management for inshore coral reefs. PLoS ONE 11.
  • Gilby BL, Tibbetts IR, Olds AD, Maxwell PS, and Stevens T (2016) Seascape context and predators override water quality effects on inshore coral reef fish communities. Coral Reefs 35:979-990.
  • Gilby BL, Maxwell PS, Tibbetts IR, and Stevens T (2015) Bottom-Up Factors for Algal Productivity Outweigh No-Fishing Marine Protected Area Effects in a Marginal Coral Reef System. Ecosystems 18:1056-1069.
  • Gilby BL, and Stevens T (2014) Meta-analysis indicates habitat-specific alterations to primary producer and herbivore communities in marine protected areas. Global Ecology and Conservation 2:289-299.
  • Gilby BL, Burfeind DD, and Tibbetts IR (2011) Lyngbya majuscula blooms and the diet of small subtropical benthivorous fishes. Marine Biology 158:245-255.
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