Dr. Chris Henderson

Recent Projects (selected)

  • Olds AD, Schlacher TA, Gilby BG, Henderson CJ, Connolly RM, Sheaves M, Flint N. Environmental features shape habitat value for fish: effects on diversity and productivity in Central Queensland Estuaries. Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. $230,000.
  • Olds AD, Schlacher TA, Gilby BG, Henderson CJ. Ecological benefits of restoring the Yandina Creek Wetlands for ecosystem health, fish and fisheries. Unity Water. $203,000.
  • Gilby BL, Olds AD, Polkinghorne A, Henderson CJ, Schlacher TA. Seafood safety and fish health in Southeast Queensland Estuaries. Healthy Land and Water. $42,000.
  • Schlacher TA, Henderson CJ, Gilby BL, Olds AD. Surf zone fishes of the Sunshine Coast. Sunshine Coast Council. $94,000.
  • Henderson CJ. How effective are Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) at protecting mobile predatory fish species. Margaret Middleton Foundation $12,000.

Publications (selected)

  • Bingham EL, Gilby BL, Olds AD, Weston MA, Connolly RM, Henderson CJ, Maslo B, Peterson CF, Voss CM, and Schlacher TA (2018) Functional plasticity in vertebrate scavenger assemblages in the presence of introduced competitors. Oecologia:1-11
  • Gilby BL, Olds AD, Connolly RM, Maxwell PS, Henderson CJ, and Schlacher TA (2018) Seagrass meadows shape fish assemblages across estuarine seascapes. Marine Ecology Progress Series 588:179-189
  • Henderson CJ, Stevens T, Gilby BL, and Lee SY (2018) Spatial conservation of large mobile elasmobranchs requires an understanding of spatio-temporal seascape utilization. ICES Journal of Marine Science 75:553-561
  • Henderson CJ, Gilby BL, Lee SY, and Stevens T (2017a) Contrasting effects of habitat complexity and connectivity on biodiversity in seagrass meadows. Marine Biology 164
  • Henderson CJ, Olds AD, Lee SY, Gilby BL, Maxwell PS, Connolly RM, and Stevens T (2017b) Marine reserves and Seascape context shape fish assemblages in seagrass ecosystems. Marine Ecology Progress Series 566:135-144
  • Gilby BL, Henderson CJ, Tibbetts IR, and Burfeind DD (2016a) Quantifying the influence of small omnivorous fishes on seagrass epiphyte load. Journal of fish biology 89:1905-1912
  • Gilby BL, Olds AD, Connolly RM, Stevens T, Henderson CJ, Maxwell PS, Tibbetts IR, Schoeman DS, Rissik D, and Schlacher TA (2016b) Optimising land-sea management for inshore coral reefs. PLoS ONE 11
  • Henderson CJ, Stevens TF, and Lee SY (2016) Assessing the suitability of a non-lethal biopsy punch for sampling fish muscle tissue. Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 42:1521-1526
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