Ellen Bingham

The eagle has landed

I grew up on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast and enjoys all aspects of exploring nature, including hiking, swimming, observing wildlife, and assisting in rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned and injured native species. I have completed a dual Bachelor of Science/Business, majoring in Animal Ecology and International Business, and a BSc (Hons) about the role of invasive species in coastal food webs. Allegedly, my ‘super power’ is to swiftly traverse through densely vegetated dunes during bird surveys and I have a fondness for wearing purple pants during field work.

I am USC’s aspiring ‘eagle whisperer’. In the language of academia, this means I am investigating how the ever-increasing urbanisation of the coastal fringe changes the maps which we draw from surveying birds of prey along our spectacular coastline.

If we want to have eagles sweeping majestically over the surf and soaring seemingly effortlessly over the dunes, we need to figure out better conservation strategies for these iconic species: I am contributing to this “conservation designs” by identifying which parts of our beaches and dunes are particularly valuable for raptors – long may they soar over our heads whilst we frolic on the beach.

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